Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why a Pet Sitter?

I get asked this question often. Why not board your pet? Its cheaper they say. I agree it is cheaper with a single pet but not if you have several pets. But the cost really needs to be considered in whole experience and not just in cash cost. The pets experience while you are gone need to be considered. The care for your home, bringing in the mail, alternating lights, the belly rubs, etc....have a value over kennel time. But lets hear it from the experts...According to the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) here are the benefits to hiring a pet sitter:

Benefits to your pet include:
  • Staying at home in his/her safe, secure environment
  • Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds
  • Following his/her regular diet and exercise routine
  • Having play time
  • Receiving love and personal attention
  • Maintaining medical treatment, when required
  • Having someone responsible in case of an emergency
  • Eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment
  • Ensuring good health (no exposure to other animals' illness or parasites)
For the Owner
Benefits to you include:
  • Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands
  • Having the confidence that the pet sitter can deal with other issues - such as grooming, vet visits
  • Eliminating the trauma of having to transport and leave your pet
  • Not having to impose on family, friends or neighbors
  • Feeling your home is more secure (with someone going in and out several times a day)
Not all pet sitters are created equal, nor are they all professional.  In hiring a pet sitter, it is important to make sure you have chosen the right person to care for your beloved animal.

So, take the time before your next trip to establish a relationship with a pet sitter. We get to know you and your pet and your confidence that you and your pet will be happy while you are away is guaranteed. or call 704-391-9364 to ask questions about your pet sitting needs. 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time with the 'furry kids'

My husband & I love to go camping with pups.We take our RV and head to 4-Paws Kingdom, a 34 acre property located in the foothills of the North Carolina mountainsWith several fenced in dog parks, including a fenced in pond for pups to swim and no kids allowed. Its sort of 'Disney' for dogs. 

So popular, that we have invited several of our friends to go with us and they have all returned with us every time. Its only 90 minutes from Charlotte and a great 'get out of dodge' sort of place. Quick, fun, and so animal friendly its utopia for any dog owner.

Our dogs love it too...lots of fresh air, long walks, extra time for belly rubs. Swimming in the lake and space to run and romp without fear of running off or someone yelling about your dog off leash. Plenty of seats for folks to sit and chat while the dogs play. When its time for pups to rest, there are human entertainments planned with amazing food cooked up by the property owners. Everyone is friendly, everyone talks about their dogs like kids, doggie pick up stations every 20 feet. Been going for over a year and can not imagine a better campground to visit.

If you are not an RV owner, they rent RV's there on site or have wonderful little cabins to rent. These spaces are limited and book up quick, but so worth your time and money. My recommendation is that you purchase whatever dinner they are serving on Saturday night. Best $13 you will ever spend on a meal. Brigit & Meik Bartoschek are great hosts, great dog owners and have brought dog lovers a wonderful place to spend time with the furry kids.

Check them out yourself and tell them Cindy sent you!

Friday, October 9, 2009

October is Adopt-a-Dog Month

The American Humane is spear-heading the campaign 'Adopt a Dog' month. A long time supporter of all things humane, American Humane wants to encourage our animal lovers to consider adopting animals instead of purchasing them from breeders or pet stores. With so many animals in shelters across America, we can not possibly end pet homelessness, but we can try to make a dent.

For those who are dead set on a pure breed, consider a breed specific rescue. A quick way to search is with Google or Pet Finder. You many even take a few trips through your local shelters as they get  pure breed dogs on a regular basis.

A word of caution when choosing your pet, consider the lifestyle you keep compared to the lifestyle of the breed you are choosing. There are often big gaps between favored breed and lifestyle needs. These gaps often put that pet to the shelter in the first place. Active runners who want a running partner are not going to do well with Bulldogs, Great Danes or Chihuahuas. While the more couch loving person will not be happy with the active needs of the Beagles or terriers. Also, if spending more that $20 on a haircut makes you scream...the Maltese, Westie and Schnauzer grooming needs will not work for you. This may all sound funny, but they are the most common reasons that many dogs end up in shelters.

I highly support, recommend and encourage adoption over purchase. With 8-12 million animals in shelters across America and 4-6 million of them euthanized every year we need "Adopt-A-Dog" months every month.