Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In the Beginning...

There once was a girl, me...Cindy. She worked in corporate America and was suffering the usual things creative, free thinking types suffer. So, she thought long and hard about the type of work that would make her happy. She hired a Business Coach and after a few sessions made the decision to start a Pet Sitting service. That is the short version of how Meow & Fetch was born. Official launch date was August 1st, 2004. 

It was also the day I went in and adopted my 3rd Big Black Dog, Emma. I have no idea why I did them both at the same time so that will have to be a story for another time. Meow & Fetch Pet Sitting was launched on August 1st and I started my first pet sitting job on August 4th. Annie Dumont hired me to watch her kitty & two fish. I had my husband post my services on his company intranet and Ms Dumont saw it and was a little concerned with what to do with her pets while gone so long. Talk about timing! It was the perfect thing to send my confidence into high gear.

I heard that Ms Dumont quit her corporate America job a couple years ago and started her own pet sitting company. She sent me a note to let me know. I am so proud of her and know she too is happy and loving her days of wet noses and sloppy kisses.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Dress or Not Dress up the dog

Oye...this topic gets way too much debate. They are not toys. It doesn't hurt anybody. Its humiliating. Its why they have fur. Blah, blah, blah....its is what it is. Unless the items in question actually cause pain and injury to the dog, I am not one to point fingers. But, let me tell you that many 'thin skinned' dogs need extra layers when the weather gets put a coat/tee/shirt on that dog!

This topic is especially hot this time of year. I for one, think its hilarious to put dogs in costumes. My dogs love it and its because I make it a fun event. They are not 'thin skinned' and do not need it to keep them warm...I do it for special events, charity fashion shows and picture taking. Hank...pictured as Santa has been in many costumes for many events. He has no problem with wearing costumes and even poses for photos.

If your pooch is injuring themselves to get the item in question off...then draw the line. Be responsible...don't leave costumes on dogs while unattended or in a kennel. Make sure tee's are properly fitted if used for warmth. If you notice its fellow pups pulling or dragging them by their clothing, separate or remove item to avoid injury. Be smart, then have fun and send me those ADORABLE pictures!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Black Dog Syndrome

This is a subject I will blog about regularly. I will continue to talk about it until its common knowledge and no longer a syndrome. BBD Syndrome is the fate of Big Black Dogs...they are the most likely to die in shelters across America. There are many reasons for this travesty, but its such a grand scale problem that it was officially termed a 'syndrome'.

BBD's are harder to adopt than lighter coat dogs. They are harder to see in bad lighting. Their facial expressions are misleading as you can not read their expression as easily as with light coated dogs. With the sharp contrast of black fur and white teeth...smiling or even slight teeth in view gives impression of barring teeth...which is scary to some. Even other dogs can mis-read a black dogs expression.

On top of basic visual facts, black dogs are often used in film and literature to represent 'evil' or bad omens. Even Winston Churchill used the term 'the black dog' to reference 'depression'. Add on that black fur is possible in many mixed breed combinations and you have many different black dogs that will likely end up in shelters.

I learned this with the adoption of our first black dog, Sam. Pictured second from left. The shelter volunteer said that she was happy to see a black dog get a home. We then adopted Morgan (far left) from Gaffney County. Emma (far right) was adopted from Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control. Hank (squirmy little pup in Jon's lap) was adopted from the Humane Society of Charlotte. Hank was pulled from a kill shelter in a surrounding county to avoid euthanasia by HSC.

There is no difference between any light coated dog and a black dog...just the negative image and labels. Otherwise, they are just as wonderful as any other pup in the shelter. Here are some websites to help explain further
Black Pearl Dogs
Start Seeing BLACK Dogs

Morgan at the Beach

I took my dog, Morgan, to the beach for a week. Man, she loved it! She chased the waves, the sea gulls, pelicans and sanderlings with gusto.

She stuck her nose in crab holes, dug for more crabs and rolled in the sand. She was a mess...but wow, she enjoyed the beach more than we did!

She developed a dirty little habit of doing her business in the water! Not sure what that is all about, but as a friend said 'the fish do it all day long'.

I think that beach trips are far more fun with your dog along. In fact, I have always gone off season just so my dogs could enjoy the beach as well. Most beaches don't let pets on the sand during the heavy rush of sun bathers, but who would want to with the million degree sand burning your feet.

Hope you have a chance to take your favorite pooch to the beach soon too!