Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doggy Dreamin

I have 4 dogs and they all have very active dreams. It breaks my heart to see them making cry-like noises and twitching, my husband and I had been waking them up to comfort them. But I have been doing some research on this very subject. The 'doggy-dreamland experts' out there say that you should let sleeping dogs lie. Dogs that twitch and cry in their sleep are just experiencing a dream. They go on to say that dogs that have active dreams are in a deeper sleep. And that happy, safe, content dogs feel more comfortable sleeping so deeply that they are more likely to experience a dream. Who knew? My dogs dream so vividly and actively because I gave them a great safe home. So, these are not signs of torture...but rather signs of joy! This is great news.

So, let your pups chase after that dreamland bunnies, its all good! They are happy, safe and content and therefore just enjoying their dream. No more interruptions from us...we get it now. Sweet Dreams.

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