Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old Man Cody

On Monday, March 15th we said good bye to my sweet kitty, Cody. He was 20 years old. He lived a long life. Although I have no idea how well he lived his first 8 years....his last 12 were pretty good. Adopted in 1997 at age 8, he entered his final home...although we told him it was his forever home. Such a dream is not allowed. I miss my old man. I know he is so much happier now. No longer in pain, suffering from the deterioration that comes with being diabetic and old.

I looked up his name after I got him (Yes, I changed his name) and Cody means 'to comfort' and that explained my sweet Cody to the tee. He was a sweet and gentle soul who was all about a warm place to name and a soft purr to tell you how he felt about it. He was easy going and very forgiving, he had no problems with change and settled in nicely when there was some.

His last year was tough as his gentle side became a more aggravated guy. He was not comfortable and was more vocal about it. We never saw him suffer, just experience the side effects of old age. Arthritis, weight loss and slowing down.

I miss him. I know he is happier, and that brings me peace, but I miss him just the same.

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