Monday, March 1, 2010

Spoiled Dogs

My dogs are spoiled. Seriously, brats. And its all my fault. I break every pack animal rule there is: let them sleep in my bed, bend down to love on them. smooch them, fail to discipline them when they jump on me and pretty much do their bidding when they ask (in their doggy way). I am actually not really bothered by their behavior, but others are.

If you walk in my front door, you will most likely be jumped up on. If you sit on the sofa, they will jump in your lap, climb up behind you and start licking. They will demand you pet them, play with them and give them your immediate and full attention. Its when guests come over that I realize that my dogs are brats. I can honestly say that it will be impossible to change. I love the they snuggle with me in bed and want to lounge on the sofa with them. I do not allow them to jump on me when I enter (and therefore they do not) but my husband loves it. Its the guests who suffer.

So, I am sorry. My dogs are bad. I loved them to that point. They are so spoiled and they know not what they do.

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